Magical Monday

We have just returned from a fun packed trip to Cornwall. A whistle-stop tour. Our house is a bubbling cauldron of fresh ideas and excited whispers.

On Monday, Kiddywonk counted Owls at the quaint cottage that was home for 4 days in Lostwithiel here

It was mostly grey and wet, but that did not matter an iota. Lostwithiel did not disappoint.

Kiddywink bought some space stamps. This prompted mesmerising postmaster tales, of planets; one made from diamonds and another surrounded by ice.

A funky, fake, fur, bee stripe, rally car, back from Barcelona nestled down a side street outside the church. An alien texture, out of place

Further on down the road was the vintage shop deja-vu antiques

A beautiful place, a suprise round every corner. The jolt of the familar, school chairs, old cotton reels not seen for aeons.

Back at Owl Cottage the chance to catch up on my EPP Ferris Wheel, whilst planning Tuesdays trip.


One thought on “Magical Monday

  1. Jacki Newey

    I have several “Sylko” mercerised cotton reels, made by English Sewing Ltd, all found in Mum’s sewing box.


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