Indian Moon moth ‘pillar parents.

Back in the Autumn we adopted 4 Indian Moon Moth caterpillars (Actias Selene) from a friend, thanks Zoe!. They were small and red, but went through many changes (instars) turning green and tufty.                                                                                                                                                      We fed them laurel leaves and they grew and grew. I was fascinated by their quirky tufts and very bright green colour. We had a couple of ‘Pillar deaths but the last remaining one was healthy and enormous, with poos to match (often commented on!)


Then one day without warning he curled up in some leaves and spun himself a home. Hopefully he is cosy in there and not minding the wintry conditions too much. We are waiting patiently and resisting the urge not to shine an investigative torch on him too often. Fingers crossed one day he will emerge a beautiful moth.


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