Jump in January and small blog meet.

Having sewn for many years, the start of a new year, was the shove I needed to finally jump in with both feet and make it a larger part of my life. Well that and abandoning trying to plan it. I decided to just do it and see where it goes. So I started this blog and oiled my trusty Bernina Sport.


First up, was a neat pile of projects, started last year waiting patiently to be finished.

However once online, a dizzy whirl of exciting projects, fabric and chat caught my eye and I was distracted. So I formulated an excuse to sideline the part finished pieces. A quick, ‘jump in January’, trying new things, followed by ‘finish up February’…perfect.

The first project to derail me was the scrappy trip around the world. A blessing in disguise as it turned out to be my first finish of 2013 and a bday pressie for my Mum. Next up the Japanese x and + cushion for Kiddywonk. Woop, another finish.

So as January draws to a close and I have two, albeit small projects finished, I give myself permission to carry over a January start. http://wheretheorchidsgrow.blogspot.co.uk.schoenrock-cross-qal-freezer-paper

Actually I haven’t physically started it yet, just mentally. It looks very tricky, but I am hoping that with some patience, practise and Leila’s wonderful tutorial I will be able to muddle something vaguely close to the Schoenrock Cross. Well it was jump in January! So into Finish up February we head…………

This post was inspired by Lynne at Lily’s quilts fresh-sewing-day-and-small-blog-meet

I am hopefully about to learn how to add a button………or not, fingers crossed. Hmmmm, I need to work on that!

Lily's Quilts

p.s January is really great for spending far too much money on fabric, which I have done with gusto!

3 thoughts on “Jump in January and small blog meet.

  1. Liz @ Gypsy Dreamer Quilts

    Hi! I’m stopping by because of Lily’s Quilts Small Blog Meet. I’m Liz and I live in east-central Kansas. I’ve only been blogging a little over a month and agree that there’s so many distractions! I’ve already signed up for two blog hops with projects involved. It’s been fun getting creative with a deadline. My pile of UFOs is outrageous, but slowly I’m knocking them off the list, although it could take me years to finish it. And by then I’d have a bunch more added to it, I’m sure!

    I haven’t made a Trip Around the World yet, but am thinking about it. It does seem a good way to strip and scrappy quilt a bunch of pieces that need good homes.

    Happy stitching!


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