Schoenrock Cross QAL

I spotted a gorgeous QAL a couple of weeks ago. I pondered whether it was beyond me as I have never attempted paper piecing before. After exchanging tweets with  Leila I decided to give her freezer paper tutorial a try.

I nervously gathered my scrappy scrap fabric to construct a trial quarter. Half an hour or so later….proof, in spite of having two babies, my brain is still in relatively good working order.


I ironed the paper on the wrong side and sewed the pieces together, slowly (with paper still attached). I found it a bit tricky to line up the start of the seam line sometimes. Of course I should have ironed each seam after sewing. But that was downstairs and I was too eager to see how it would turn out to make that trip!


So, it’s not perfect. Some of the points missed. But I was too pleased I had managed it, to care too much. Next time it will be better.

I studied the endless possible colourways. Plotted and plannned; on the walk to school, while cooking tea and putting the kids to bed. Finally when they were sleeping a quick sketch, ready for cutting in the morning.

Reaching for my Charm Pack of ‘Mama said Sew’ I started drawing, cutting, ironing and laying out. At the end of the day a bit of rejigging and more cutting to try and maximise the contrast. It has taken a while and made my brain ache, but Leila’s tutorial has helped me get this far. I am hoping to finish it soon…well as soon as the kids are back at school. Go on give it try!

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Schoenrock Cross QAL

One thought on “Schoenrock Cross QAL

  1. Leila

    What a great post Sophie!!
    You’ve done a fantastic job just jumping straight in like that!!
    If you want to make it easier to line up the pieces be sure to cut 1\4″ seam allowance on every side of the freezer paper template (points too) this way you don’t have the tail ends sticking out when piecing the triangular shapes.
    After completing about six of these blocks I have yet to sew one that has all it’s points intact. I hope by the end of this quilt I’ll have at least one perfect block!


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