Seeing this informal QAL by Katy Jones (Twitter) of http://www.imagingermonkey.blogspot.co.uk, I knew I had to at least do a trial block. You see we have a son, who at 9, is maths mad, it reminds me of sums and him! There is an excellent tutorial here http://badskirt.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/japanese-x-and-scrappy-quilt-tutorial.html

First time round this one had me reaching for my unpicker, which became redhot! I got there in the end and in the process realised that using the edge of my machine foot as a guide for 1/4″ seam is a little wide of the mark. But a little can make a big difference!


With little time available to make anything larger than ‘very small’ with this block, I made a bright cushion (18″ square and backed with fleece) for youngest kiddywink’s new bedroom. He had already adopted my raggedy trial block for his table, (which I promptly made into a mat). Squishy bear is guarding it from cat attacks until he is home from school!


Once joined together these blocks create a strong dynamic pattern. I will surely be back to this one, when I have more time to play with my own colour choices to create a larger piece.

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